Monday, November 10, 2008


I woke up with a headache in the middle of the night, took acetaminophen, and then woke up with it again this morning, took my Allegra-D, hoping it would just be my sinuses. That didn't work, so I took some ibuprofen...and am still not relieved of this headache! Yeah, it's probably time to go see the doctor, but who has time!?

So today I am thankful for my husband, who made me laugh. It was very much needed. It went something like this:

(I forwarded the email between myself, and our eldest's teacher in reference to the open heart surgery field trip on Friday, to my husband.)

Me: I just wanted to make sure there's still room for me to go on Friday. BZ said something about the bus being full. Can you let me know please?
Teacher: I am not sure where the bus being full came from, but you are on the list to attend if you are still able to go. He will get a memo today with details.
Me: I think it's probably a matter of he doesn't want mom to go. I told him I was on the list! He's such a booger! Yes, I'd still love to go...I'm thrilled to have the chance!!! Thank you!
Teacher: I did tell him you had emailed and he said, “Oh, I just told her that”.

See you bright and early Friday morning.

(I forwarded it to my husband because the other night the subject of the field trip came up and that's when The Teenager (mis)informed me. I felt it was necessary to prove I am not going insane, since I had responded to The Teenager that I was on the list.)

Me, to Big B: Didn't I tell him!?
Big B: He is a dork... Can I Go?
Me: nope! you'd probably pass out anyway! it is open heart surgery! they'll use a saw to open up the sternum, and then dive right into the chest...after spreading it open with huge spreaders! crank, crank, crank...and then they'll pull the heart up for access, and then slice it open! i can't wait!
Big B: Sounds like marriage.


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andrea said...

Sounds like my "marriage" alright! :) Big B sounds great! Ugh I wish my B would acknowledge that relationships are HARD. Every time I say I'm sad that we "might" (yeah, maybe) fight again, he basically tenses up and says WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO NEGATIVE! Eh. I'll give him time, he's new to having his sternum pried open and his heart yanked out :)

Fluids and rest, love. Do not downplay how much stress you are putting on your body!! TAKE CARE!!