Tuesday, January 6, 2009

later that same morning

Well...it's nearly 11 a.m. and still NO SNOW!

So I've decided to make lemonade out my lemons and take the boy(s) to go see Twilight. I've heard it follows the book pretty closely.

While on Facebook earlier I came across a friend who is also one of the boys' teachers and she was utterly disgusted with the closure. She lives at a bit of a distance from the school and has small children of her own. She has to get up early and get her kids ready to go, all to make it to work on time. Imagine her, and others like her, frustration.

Like I said earlier it was around 6:05 a.m. when I received the call. We live relatively close to the high school and the middle school, and my kids board their buses at around 6:50. Luckily for them one was still in bed, awaiting his turn in the shower (they're boys and they don't take very long to get ready) and the other was just about to step into the shower! Caught him just in time and told him he could go back to bed.

He was thrilled. Lucky kids.


Heather said...

I absolutely LOVED the movie. I was sooo desperate to see it that I went all by my bigself! Have fun!

KLS said...

I can't wait and I'm thrilled that my youngest wants to go...LB doesn't...phooey on him!