Tuesday, January 6, 2009

what did you say? you MUST be kidding!?

Just received a phone call, at about 6:05 a.m. notifying me that our school system would be closed today.

Someone please tell me where the inclement weather is???

I looked at the radar, and sure there is a huge pink splotch acrosss the area....but you look outside and ya get drizzly, cold rain.

It's not even freezing...

So, being the doubter that I am, in this case, of my hearing, I called the info line for the schools and sure enough...the recording says the schools are closed!

Do these people not understand that there are nursing students in the local area who cherish days of solitude, days where we don't have to do a darn thing at all, if we so choose???

If said nursing students have school aged children who are forced upon them, because of a "snow day" there better darn well be snow!

ten foot high drifts outside my window!

Well, I'll just have to go back to bed myself, and curl up with New Moon. I'm normally a fast reader, but it's taking me a little longer to read this book, as it did Twilight. The wording is sometimes very...off, shall we say? And there are sentence fragments. I find myself rereading certain sentences because they're awkward. I don't proclaim to be even a good writer, but I'm writing for fun...not profit, and you're not finding me on the New York Times #1 Bestseller List, now are ya?

New Moon Pictures, Images and PhotosI do find the subject material interesting, if not addicting. That's the only reason I'm sticking with it. A good friend is letting me borrow the last two books of the series. Thanks L!

Then later I guess I'll get up and make the boys french toast...


Megan said...

I feel your pain!! Our free days are few and far between...don't these school officials know this? How inconsiderate of them! LOL..the least they could do is cancel the night before...that way we could at least sleep in:)

Tiffany said...

My first day of classes were cancelled because of snow, not even alot of snow, just a dusting. Now i have to make up those days by going to school this Saturday. I hate the weather. Why cant we live in Arizona where they dont cancel.

Heather said...

I swear we are twin daughters of different mothers. crack me up. Luckily in southern CA, there are NO snow days. But I just loved when it was time for teacher husb and kids to go back to school. Although it was ruined by having to go to the dentist, sheesh. I am reading the last, breaking dawn while simultaneously reading the unpublished Midnight Sun from her website. Yup, pretty darned addicted.

Enjoy your day....school will hit ya btwn the eyes before you can say..."Team Edward".