Monday, January 12, 2009

mangled, pumped and beat

On the way to class this morning I passed none other than a mangled, dead deer...blood, evisceration, etc. All I could hope was that it wasn't an omen for how my day would turn out. So far it hasn't been too bad.

I tend to listen to the 80s channel on XM. or at least I'll start out there. Today the channel didn't change at all.

First I got pumped up with Prince's Little Red Corvette (I love Prince), then we had Adam Ant's Goody Two Shoes. I like it when my morning starts out grumpy-like and some music can put me in a better mood.

Now I must say...I am tired, basically beat.

I don't foresee much blogging in the next few weeks.

Fatigue r/t excessive reading will be the name of the game.

I hope everyone else who's started classes this week, or recently, the best. May we all get some rest sometime. HA!

Did/does anybody else ever feel overwhelmed with everything we're taught in nursing school? Like, how in the hell am I ever going to manage all of that.


Drofen said...

The scary thing is, from the best that I can gather, the REAL learning only begins when we graduate!!

Christine said...

Yes and I am only in the second week of first semester!

Heather said...

I absolutely feel that way when I'm in school. When I head back in Feb. my blogging will really dwindle.

Hang in there, keep up with the reading so it doesn't run you over!

Heather said...

oh and drofen...I don't agree. I have learned soooo much from nursing school. But I know that we will get "our feet" once we're on our own.