Wednesday, February 4, 2009

run around the mill

Heard something yesterday that may be nothing more than a rumor. A classmate told me that a nurse, who works at the hospital attached to our program, had told her that our program is being investigated. Our class along with the second year class are basically the guinea pigs being investigated and if we don't show the improvements necessary our program would be cut. Really now?

This subject may have to come up during lab today. This rumor does need to be dispelled.

Today in lab we'll be playing catch up after not being able to attend last week because of the weather. I have ot go in early to print off more skills checklists. I already have about 8 that I printed off last week. We'll be doing such skills as urinary catheterization, stoma care, perioperative care, GI suction, along with a ton of other fun stuff.

Today's going to be a picture day. I haven't taken any photos of our time in school, and it would be nice to have some to look back on!


Drofen said...

Wow. How do you feel about being a guinea pig?

KLS said...

Oh, it's wonderful! Yeah, right...

Apparently it's not a rumor, either!