Monday, February 2, 2009

third letter of the alphabet does the job much for the A and B(almost an A at 91.4) I ended up with last semester. That's ok though. I did study really hard and I feel comfortable with my gained knowledge. A couple of the questions I got wrong were stupid mistakes. What can ya do?

Live and Learn!

Thanks to those who wish(ed) me luck and stand in my corner!

Now, as long as the weather holds up, and it doesn't look promising, we'll be taking our first Mental Health exam tomorrow. It's the one we were supposed to take last week, but didn't because we had a snow day.

Isn't it ironic?

We also missed lab last week due to the weather and will have to play make-up this long as we're able to go to school!

Such a great time of year!


Anonymous said...

Remember C=RN that was our class motto... lol.. Sometimes you have to follow Maslow's hierarchy of needs and family comes first!! Congrats on the C!!

the star gurl said...

hey, my motto - C's get degrees!!

in new zealand a 91.4 is a definate A, wierd. I think anything above 86 is and A might be and A- but still an A. you guys are getting the rough end of the stick!

star gurl