Wednesday, March 11, 2009

oh what a feeling!

Pharmacology final is over!

We had 40 multiple choice questions on interactions, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, geriatrics, peds, drug know, the basics. The last half of the exam consisted of the calculations. You can bet I wasn't the only one who flipped straight for the back and started working like a mad woman to finish those problems/challenges. One of the teachers that I worked with at the high school, a math teacher in particular has a motto, "There are no problems, only challenges". It makes sense!

What a good feeling it is to have that weight lifted off my shoulders!

Now we just have to play the waiting game. Our instructor told us she would have the grades posted tomorrow morning if not tonight.

I'm going to keep myself busy by heading over to the high school for the JV baseball game. Normally I wouldn't have much of an interest in this but a friend of mine, with whom I went to high school in Colorado, lives in an adjacent county and her son's HS is playing my son's HS. She and I don't see each other very often with both of us having busy lives, but since I am officially on Spring Break I'm going to take a bit of a breather from my norm and go hang out with her! Besides I'll know plenty of other moms (parents) that will be there too!

Tomorrow I have my big day of retail therapy planned, but I'd forgotten that the kids have the day off, so I'm not sure how that's going to work out. I may end up with a tag-along, but maybe not. LB has plans to stay the night with some of his Varsity buds. They've really taken him under their wings. No joke. Their mascot's the Eagles, and it looks just like the Philadelphia Eagles. He's just like their little eaglet I guess. They have practice in the later part of the morning anyway. AW will be my tag-along if he doesn't come up with some other scheme before this evening is over.

For clinicals my classmates and I had our orientation yesterday and I met my patient. It's occured to me that because I am not anonymous and I am only caring for one patient I am going to have to be extra super-duper Hipaa vigilant and creative with my stories. I will say for now I am looking forward to the overall experience. I'm not intimidated by the care I'll be giving, but I will be sufficiently challenged.

As far as the question I posed yesterday about people's thoughts on the statement "If you are meant to be a nurse you will do fine",this was a closing statement in an email from my husband. We had been having a discussion (heated, aggravated, angered, irritated...) and my last statement had been something to the effect of "...and I'm supposed to take care of someone else's family member???" I said this because I have been frustrated because, well let's just put it this way: in life we have peaks and troughs (yeah, a little too much pharmacology as of late), and my family has been going through what seems like more troughs than peaks lately, and as the mom/wife/caregiver I have been feeling strain to the enth degree....all that with school on top. When I read that statement on his email it struck me funny. I would have expected something more to the effect of "Oh, honey! You are going to be a wonderful nurse! blah, blah, blah" Now in reality the former statement is more like my husband, and especially so when you consider the context with which it was made.

Live, love, and learn.


Tiffany said...

I now exactly how relieved you are, I was thrilled when my pharm final was over! Keep your chin up!

Christy said...

My husband used to say things such'll do fine...when I was about to take a test. My response was "If I don't know I'll do fine, how do you know?!" This always angered me because it seemed like such a stock response and not very genuine. I would be so wound up, nervous, doing all housework, studying, loving my children and meeting their needs and all I got was..."you'll do fine". It annoyed me. Arg! Bottom line, no one knows what it's like unless you're in it. Nursing school is a wild and crazy animal that you're constantly trying to wrestle. It can get tiring and wear on your nerves, but you are doing great and very soon you'll be an RN!

Oh and by the way..I'll love a sisterhood award! Yahoo! Check out my response to your comment on my page. Enjoy sping break, u deserve it.

Robyn said...

Oh man, I know exactly what you mean! I'm an eavesdropper to your blog...because I love nursing school blogs. I am doing my RN degree all online with a 3 day clinical at the very end which terrifies me. It's either pass or fail. And, if I fail...well, I fail. You actually get two tries to pass the 3-day clinical to the tune of $2000 per weekend. ANYWAY....I'm always saying how scared I am ... my husband just flippantly says...YOU'LL DO FINE. Why are you worried? Well, hmmmm...let me think. Why am I worried? GEE I DON'T KNOW, THERE CERTAINLY ISN'T ANY PRESSURE SO I MUST BE CRAZY. Anyway, I love reading your blog. Makes me wish I was in 'real' nursing school, sort of.

KLS said...

See!? That's why we need each other! The support is awesome! I've tried telling my classmates they should blog, they just don't understand....we have each other, but this is an invaluable extension of that support!

Heather said...

YAY!! Don't you just love the feeling of checking off one more thing from your pile of requirements?!


(I hated Pharm)