Monday, April 6, 2009

heroes and blossoms

Being prior military you could guess, and correctly so, I am pro-military. I'm also a bit of a history buff, having minored in it for my Bachelor's. Minoring in history enabled me to study certain areas of history that I find fascinating. The classes I took include Classical Greece, World War II, Pearl Harbor-Midway, Modern America: 1900 to 1945, and Europe's Bloodiest Century (this course detailed the 20th centruy, WWI, WWII, and the Cold War), along with a couple of prerequisite courses. I wrote my term paper in the World War II class on women in the military during that time. I have a special affinity for the subject, in particular in the field of nursing. In my complete ignorance I didn't even know that there was a memorial dedicated to women who served in the Vietnam War, until pretty recently.

Yesterday we went to Washington DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival. To the boys' utter and complete dismay (they were already pretty bent out of shape with having to go to the Festival) their father and I dragged them to see the Vietnam Women's Memorial. We also took in the Korean War Memorial, and the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial. If you ever have a chance to visit DC you should take the time to visit these very special works of commemorative art. Pictures do not even do them any justice.

this is from the WWII memorial

a section of the wall from the Korean War Memorial

statues of soldiers from the Korean War Memorial

Vietnam Women's Memorial


Christy said...

pretty pictures :)

jeninthedesert said...

I like those pictures!