Monday, April 6, 2009

a slap in the face of sorts?

So I'm online trying to figure out summer class schedules in conjunction with externships, and decided to email hospital #2 to find out the schedule. This is what I received in reply:



It was great meeting you on Friday. I forgot to ask, what does the schedule look like for the externship program? Will it be a day shift position? I know at the meeting we had in our class you weren't completely sure. I'm flexible, but am in the process of signing up for a summer class and wanted to have an idea of my schedule should I be chosen to extern at Hospital #2*.


KLS, Student Nurse*


Dear KLS, Student Nurse*,

We appreciate your interest in the Nurse Extern position here at Hospital #2*. At this time the decision has been made to continue interviewing candidates for this position who more closely meet the skills and requirements of the unit.

We wish you every success in finding a position commensurate with your career objectives. Again, thank you for your interest in Hospital #2* as a prospective employee.


Human Resources
Hospital #2*


Rebekah said...

Im sorry about the response from the HR dept.Some how I would want to find out what "career objectives" or skills the interviewers felt did not match, because you sound like you were under the impression that you were already accepted into the extern position. Hang in there you have come a long way in your journey.Even if this is a turn you didnt see coming maybe the best opportunity will be visible after you make the turn in the bend.

Christy said...

Who is going to be more qualified to meet the skills and requirements? It's an externship! It's about acquiring those skills. Oh well, their loss. Keep your spirits up :)

jeninthedesert said...

This just happened to a friend of mine. It was so disappointing for her. I'm sorry!!