Thursday, July 23, 2009

leavin' on a jet plane!

Can we say "shit eatin' grin"? please excuse the language, but I'm a tad bit excited. I think in a way I'm staying overly excited so that I don't think about the other side of it...what I am leaving behind, who I'm leaving behind.

What makes it worse is yesterday was a bad day for LB, thanks to his father and I. We both yelled at him at two separate times for totally different reasons. It all had to do with driving or car related type issues, and both instances were handled badly, thus leaving me feeling horrible. He and AW got into to it too, but that probably didn't phase him since it is a daily, sometimes hourly occurrence. We wont get into either of the two incidents as I really don't feel it's necessary. The point is I feel bad, which makes leaving my children worse.

Ahh, motherhood.

I have tons to do today. I still need to pack, finish up some homework, do some laundry, try on a dress that I'm going to take in the event I feel like going to the reunion in something more formal than I originally planned on wearing, study some, tidy up some, and gosh knows what else that I am currently spacing on! I also need to call my mom to check up on her; she had surgery on her shoulder last Friday. I need to call my aunt to firm up some of the plans for this weekend.

I just found out that one of my bestest friends, that just happens to live about 40 minutes from me (that's only ironic since we now live in VA and went to high school in CO-we actually have about 5 of us that live out here in VA!) is trying to go back for the reunion!!! She wasn't going to go because her daughter has college visits this summer, but her weekend must be free! Like I told another friend recently it's a good thing I've done Kegels over the years, I'd be pissin' my britches otherwise!

Well I could babble on for hours about my upcoming mommy vacation, but I wouldn't get any thing done! I"m so looking forward to seeing some old friends, and my family that I haven't seen in years. I get to meet my newest niece, born last year, August 29! I will also meet my cousins' children for the first time!

I'm so excited! and a little nervous...

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Anonymous said...

Mommy guilt.. nothing worse!!! Try to put it behind you and enjoy your trip. Take plenty of pictures!