Sunday, September 20, 2009

so much to talk about, so little time

Weekends blow.

That is, they blow until mid-December. That's only because we have exams every Monday until then. Yesterday was my anniversary, and I spent the greater part of the day studying. See? Nursing school is rough.

Fortunately my husband is 85% on board with understanding how IT is in nursing school. He's seeing it first hand. He had to explain to the neighbor lady that 1.) I wasn't coming over to talk to her because yes, I am not thrilled with what she has done and 2.) I am studying, even on our anniversary, so that should make one understand the level of commitment...perseverance...insanity. This, as in the indiscretions of people, is one of those things that I could so go on about, but there is so little time to even be typing this post let alone explaining wondering neighbor's ways. (Evidently she's returned long enough to gather up some of her things, sign away her rights to everything, and then hit the road back to what is certainly not greener grass!)

Big B and I did go out on Friday night to the DC Improv and we laughed our arses off at the two front liners, and then especially at Greg Giraldo.

This is where the other 15% comes in. I would have been perfectly content staying in ALL WEEKEND, studying, and taking in a Patrick Swayze flick and a nice home cooked (grilled by him) dinner. Ghost would have been a good anniversary movie. We did have tons of fun though Friday night and I needed it.

Friday I did my clinical rotation at the local wound care center. Let's just say it wasn't what I had expected and nothing more really then the experience I had working as a MA at a podiatrist's office way back when. The only real cool thing about it was the hyperbaric chamber.

Other than all of that I need new nursing shoes and am leaning toward a couple of styles of New Balance, since they came so highly recommended way back when I first asked about shoes. My Grasshopper's aren't fitting the needs of longer days.

I suppose I need to get off here now and go finish studying. Tomorrow's exam is OB, which in the end, I ended up with an 83.3% on the first one. Last week's med/surg exam was even worse with a 76.6% (failure). Considering I ended up with As and Bs after my first year these poor grades aren't sitting extremely well, but I've pretty much gotten to the point where I am fine with pass/fail...intending on PASS. That may seem piss poor and lacksidasical, but after ten years of school and life with teens receiving the diploma is what's most important, not graduating with honors. Please understand normally I would be the kind of person to strive for that, but I just do't have the energy now.

Now on to more energy sapping studying...


running wildly said...

I remember weekends blowing too. So much that they weren't really weekends. Everyone got to do stuff and I was stuck studying at home.....again. My sympathies.
I see you are getting to the place where perfection is no longer attainable. D is for diploma! Just pass. There is nursing school, and then there is reality nursing.

Crazed Mom said...

Girl I can relate. Last year(last 9/24/08--8/14/09) is really a blur. Nursing school concentrates your brain on theory, clinicals, constant schedule changes, too much stress, not enough sleep and that's on top of the family. My spouse asked me a question about some news event from last winter and I had to claim I had no clue. That my usual remember every stupid detail brain was on hiatus for trivia. Maybe I'll forget the nightmare long enough to get my RN if I ever get to take my PN NCLEX.

Best wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!