Saturday, October 10, 2009

little bitty

I like that song by Alan Jackson.

Alan Jackson-little bitty

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I'm hoping there's little bitty chance to do extremely well on the exam on Monday. Two of the four chapters we're being tested on are on the endocrine system (bleck) and the other two are on nutrition. Deja vu...didn't I just study this same stuff this past summer? One would think I'd do extremely well...then one must consider theinstructor and her tests. The advantage of doing well on this exam gives cushion for future exams. But really, future exams have at the most 5 chapters on them. There's nothing really going on over the next few weeks, except for the homecoming game next Friday, that I feel interested in taking part in. Depending on how this week goes as far as studying will decide whether I'll take a bit of a break and go to the game, otherwise I'll not go. Sacrifices, for the most part (unless they have to do with my kids) have become a lot easier to make.

This coming week will be our last with our current instructor, the end of this rotation. The five of us in my group are going to be extremely sad to leave our instructor behind because she is just that awesome! I am excited to move on to another rotation. I don't feel like I've gotten a lot of technical experience as far as doing anything other than vitals, documenting, assessment, and basic patient care. I'd like to do some catheters (gulp--that's one of my intimidators), IVs, dressing changes, stoma care, basically the stuff I haven't done on a real patient in many, many years, if ever. I am thankful going into this next rotation that I am more comfortable with assessments and documentation on this hospital's computer system. Our next instructor is the former Army nurse. Need I say more?

That's my itty bitty update. I could go on about tons of stuff, but need to get upstairs and hit the books.

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Nursapalooza said...

First of all, I LOVE Alan Jackson's music, and second...that song is Our Song of being newly married. So every time I hear it, I think about those first years of marriage when we had a little bitty paycheck, apt, furniture etc. Love that song.

And you are wise as always about taking time off of studies. It becomes easier and easier to no to almost EVERYTHING your last two semesters. At least in our program. I loved the few days after an exam where I could breathe just a little before diving back in. Our L/D rotation was similar to yours. I think the pt's are just too critical for us to do much more. You are doing great, and you are EXACTLY where you should be. Keep plugging away, it will all pay off.