Tuesday, November 3, 2009

she told us so

Yep. In fact she wasn't the only one to forewarn us, several others did as well. "Third semester is the hardest" she said, and do we ever agree now! "She" would be our instructor and the others would be those who went before us. The sad reality is this is the semester that can make or break you. Evidently we've lost two already. One withdrew from the program by choice as her grades weren't so hot and she had differences with our instructor. The other has, I don't even want to say it, but she's failed out, and at this point it is too late. So she has gone into audit status. It's heartwrenching; no, it's gutwrenching. There were only 26 of us at the beginning of this semester. The first student I mentioned was an LPN transtion, so she didn't start with us from the beginning of this journey, the other one did. We're bound to lose others as well. It's hard with such a small group.

Some of us are choosing to think positively and have even started discussing certain things about next semester, and have even gotten bold enough to talk about preparations for graduation. With the way time is flying we can't help but look forward.

First things first. As of right now we have 5 more exams before our finals. My clinical group has one care plan left to do, and then a clinical evaluation work-up for our OB rotation which we have the last four weeks (minus the week of Thanksgiving). We have one assignment left for our health assessment class and one for our OB/peds class. We also have med/surg practice ATI tests we're required to take, and pass with at least the benchmark, of 65, for a grade. Five tests equal 50 points. Those 50 points could go a long way toward making the grade. We then have the OB/newborn and child health ATI proctored exams we have to pass. It seems like a lot left to do, and is in a way. That being said, it's not insurmountable.

Two clinical days left for this week, and then it's five weeks until finals.

I've been thinking about how things have changed over the past year and a few months. Nursing school is such an evolutionary process. I've changed, not entirely, but a little. I look at certain things differently. I've grown. I still have my doubts,fears and insecurities, but I'm also more comfortable with a lot of things that I feared concerning nursing.

I can remember that young medic who thought it was an unattainable dream. One thing I learned long ago though is, if there's a will, there's a way!

Certain things may get in your way, but they're just speed bumps on your road to success. You just need to slow down, cross the hurdle, and press on.

Last year, when I had the time to post nearly daily I did something I called "STBTF", something to be thankful for, in honor of Thanksgiving. I don't have the time to give thanks everyday (at least in blog form), but today I am thankful for the opportunity I've been given and the support of those who've stood alongside me, whether in person or from afar.

I'd also like to thank scrubsmag.com for listing me as one of the blogs they like! What an honor!

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Nursapalooza said...

I feel for you Kirsten. Third semester was sooo tough for me as well. I barely made it out! It's good to think about next semester, because it will help you to see todays stress as a passing thing. You are doing great, one day at a time girlie!