Friday, October 30, 2009

six weeks and that which drives me bonkers

We have six weeks left int his semester. I believe that's six weeks until finals week, but am not sure though. Whatever...the time is coming nearer and nearer with each expediently passing day!

In the midst of all my eating, sleeping and breathing nursing school certain areas of my life have suffered. My house is, second to my family, the biggest area that's suffered the most.

This would be a Hibiscus plant, one of two, that we've brought in from outside. It's just sad. I'm going to have to cut it back to rejuvenate it. I'll feed the flowers to Irwin. He loves him some Hibiscus flowers!

dust...need I say more?

This is an attic fan that has been taking up space forever. It needs to be installed and we were going to have it done a few months ago. The electrician, who happens to be an acquaintance, said he'd rather not install it in the heat. It was June-July time frame--defintiely hot! Attics and heat are just not compatible!

Oh, the clutter! Not to mention this is my scrapbooking table. It has become a we-have-no-where-else-to-put-it-so-put-it-here spot. ugh!

This is our bills and mail basket, which I usually go through periodically. Ahem. It hasn't happened in a while. Can ya tell?

Being that tomorrow's Halloween I find this one kind of funny. You really can't see it for it's full effect as the picture doesn't do it justice. Who needs to decorate for the holidays (which I have not had time to do) when you have live-in, or should I say "live-out" decorators?

Lastly, this is one of my bone's of contention. Coupons. If we didn't save so much money using them I wouldn't! If I go to the commissary they help to save a bundle and if we go to one of the local chains they often offer doubel coupons. What's terrible is when I leave them until they become a monster, and several of them have expired already.

So here I sit, multi-tasking, as I post, I'm clipping. Now that I type that it sounds impossible. I should clarify, every couple of minutes I got through a few and then I type. The computer timed out a bit, so that's when I took advantage of the freeze up. I need to go shopping today, and should really go to the commissary, but it's military payday, so that means it will be crowded. Many people in the military live paycheck to paycheck, so they have to wait until payday to do their grocery shopping. I could go on about that, but it could be it's own separate post.

I'll leave it until some other time...for now I'm going to finish up my coupon clipping and head out and head in to combat. I think I'll take advantage of the drive and take some photos along the way. I might try and match up to some of the ones I took last year to see what's changed. I thought I'd posted a photo collage of them, but can't seem to find it. Found it!

I'll try and sneak in a post some time soon about clinicals.

Have a Happy Halloween!

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running wildly said...

Ahahahahaha. It's so true! Life just stops when you're in nursing school. Lots of things take the back cleaning. I hear ya! 6 more weeks till finals. You can do it!