Tuesday, April 6, 2010

days 'n' nights

As of today I have 35 days until pinning. It's incredibly unbelievable that the days left in nursing school are so few.

I was just looking at some pictures from a lunch some of my classmates and I shared one day, in between classes. We'd taken an exam in the morning class. Many of us bombed it and were left feeling very defeated. We headed to a local restaurant to eat and drown our misery. We did just that. Uncharacteristic for many of us, we decided to drink. I don't drink during the day, ever, but decided that day it was warranted. It was a blast and we were able to let off steam. We were responsible; those who drove didn't drink.

Memories. I've not only gained an education over the past 20 or so months, but I've made connections I plan to keep forever. How fortunate is that!?

Tomorrow I embark on a slightly different adventure within this journey. That's the adventure into night shifts. I worked many "mids", 7a-7p, way back when I was in the Air Force. One thing I did like about it is well, for one, I didn't have to wake up with the sun, and also, the muckity-mucks weren't around to be dealt with. It should be interesting to see how it goes for me. I can only hope that my preceptorship in the family birthing center will be filled with many busy nights.

We're done with classes, and all that's left is our preceptorships, filling in holes that are left by some assignments that are still outstanding and then our one final exam. That doesn't include our exit-critical thinking ATI exam, but that's nothing you consciously prepare for.

Wow. I am in such disbelief that there's just over a month left of nursing school. There's still NCLEX to study for, but I really hope to have that done no later than mid-June.

Now the hard part will be finding a job!

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jeninthedesert said...

I couldn't believe it when our pinning ceremony came and went! So hard to believe all of the hard work really does pay off! Best wishes to you as you wrap things up!!