Sunday, April 12, 2015

well hello there 2015!

Needless to say the past couple of years has been filled with a huge amount of chaos.

Where to start...

My ankle is all healed up. That being said there are times when it flares up and leaves me in excruciating pain, but I'm working on increasing my endurance with gradually more and more walking, and losing weight!

Back in December I attempted to return to floor nursing on a PCU, but only made it through 2.5 12-hour shifts. That last shift I left and went straight to urgent care. They took some xrays, told me everything is intact as far as the screws, but due to osteoarthritis I was probably going to need to rethink my work life. I resigned the hospital position. Having started my MSN in October left me with something to do in the meantime.

Later in December I responded to an ad for a position with a new franchise of Comfort Keepers. So I've done some consulting and start of care assessments.
Of course, Big B and I have somewhat of an empty nest we're living in. We still have all the furry and scaly friends....well, I shouldn't say "all". If you've kept up with my blog you might have known of Sandi, our Lab we brought over from Italy. She passed away last May. We had 12 great years with that girl and she'll be missed for a long time. It used to be that Big B and I couldn't hug without her barking at us. The first couple of times we hugged after her passing were difficult. We welcomed a new member into out home and his name is Brinks. He was born in September, so he is going on 7 months now.
He and Charlie are actually brothers, well half brothers, sharing the same father. Of course, we still have Minnie. She's 8 now. We have Pippa and Jasper pulling the feline front around the cabin. We still have our bearded dragon, Irwin, who is 10 this year. We also have two Oscar fish.

So our nest isn't all that empty. LB is still stationed in MT. His GF is getting ready to move out there to live with him. AW lives locally with his fiance, their baby and his fiance's family. Yep, Big B and I are grandparents. Our grandson is going to be 2 in July. He is the sweetest little guy.

It's funny because while I've decided I should get back into blogging, I'm also procrastinating a bit. I am currently taking a nursing research class. We have a qualitative research article critique due one week from today and I should be working on it. I had already started it last week and have it halfway done... Ahem...Ah well, no time like the present!

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